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Providing Realty OPTIONS For Individuals Selling & Buying Online…….That’s what PROFiSBO stands for!!


The founder of PROFiSBO, got his real estate license in 1994. He started at Landmark Realty in Boston, then moved back home to Central Mass where he joined REMAX First Choice. While learning the ropes at a National Brand, he was always trying to help his customers save money while providing excellent SERVICE. He Trademarked the name PROFiSBO in 2007 in an effort to give Sellers an option before “Entry Only” was an available product. He bought a franchise and brokered the #1 FSBO company in the area in 2009-2011. We have saved SELLERS $1000’s of dollars in commissions!!

So here we are today…With today’s competitive market, your property needs the most marketing exposure possible, but attempting to sell without the power of the MLS can be overwhelming, difficult, time consuming, even costly. Advertising to the public is a high cost plan and since you only have one property to sell, the costs work against you. Realtors have the benefit of having thousands of properties to sell, so they have created an proficient marketing system through which to work together to assist each other in selling each other’s listings. This “Multiple Listing System”, called the MLS, gives the greatest exposure possible to homes for sale.

Now you can list your home or property in the exact same MLS that all Realtors use without having to pay a high commission prices. List by owner on the MLS for a low flat fee and you can have the best of both worlds. More exposure to help you sell your home for the highest possible price and still retain the right to sell on your own and not pay a FULL commission.

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